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Meeting Information - Risø DTU, Roskilde, Denmark February 2009

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IEA Task 23 Offshore Wind Energy Deployment -
Workshop on Wake Effects and Power Flucuations

February 25-26 2009
Risø DTU, Roskilde, Denmark

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Wake Effect Workshop Programme

Wake Effect and Power Flucuations


Development and calibration of an engineering model for computation of wake velocity deficits
Aagaard, Helge

CFD modelling of the interaction between the Surface Boundary
Cabezon, Daniel

Offshore grids and wind power contro
Carlson, Ola

Validation of power fluctuation simulation model
Cutululis, Nicolaos

Wake model evaluation in the UPwind and POW'WOW projects
Barthelmie, Rebecca

Power Fluctuations
Brand, Arno

Wake modelling
Brand, Arno

Eastern Wind Integration and Transmission Study
Brower, Michael

High-resolution mesoscale modelling of wakes
Brower, Michael

Offshore WRF simulations: Geographical variation in wind power production for the North Sea
Byrkjedal, Øyvind

Reduction of Wind Power Variability by Aggregation of wind farms to large interconnected offshore grids
Dobschinsk, Jan i

New data assimulation techniques for short-term wind energy forecast model with a rapid update cycle
Drax, Caroline

Frendsen, Sten

Introduction – Wake Effects
Frendsen, Sten

TOPFARM - background and vision
Larsen, Gunner

Workshop Introduction
Lemming, Jørgen

Wind Farm and Wake Modeling at NREL
Moriarty, Patrick

Regime switching models for preduction of wind power fluctuations
Pinson, Pierre

CFD model of wind turbine wake in atmospheric turbulence using body forces
Rethore, Pierre

Plansideas for Wind farm CFD
Sanderse, Benjamin

Wake measurements in a research farm consisting of 5 turbines 4 years data
Schepers, Gerard

Wind farm and wake modelling at DTU
Sørensen, Jens Nørkær

The effect of geographical spreading on wind power fluctuations
Sørensen, Poul

Wind Power Time Series simulation model
Sørensen, Poul

Wake meandering modeling for wind turbine loading
Trujillo, Juan Jse

Comparison of power fluctuations from onshore and offshore
Vigueras, Antonio

Favourable meteorological conditions for severely variable wind speeds at Horns Rev
Vincent, Claire

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