Task 23
Offshore Wind Energy
Technology Deployment
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Meeting Information - IEA Task 23 Offshore Wind Energy Deployment - Phase IV of the Offshore Code Comparison Collaborative (OC3),
Risø DTU, Roskilde, Denmark March 13, 2009

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Meeting Minutes

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Overview of BModes (Code to Compute Blade and Tower Modes for
Onshore & Offshore Turbines)

Gunjit Bir

Design tools for floating wind turbines - NREL test case
Ivar Fylling

Modelling Technique
Garrad Hassan

Review of OC3 Project
Jason Jonkman

OC3 Phase IV –Model
Jason Jonkman

OC3 Phase IV –Future Planning
Jason Jonkman

Dynamic Motion Analysis of Catenary Moored Spar Wind Turbine
Madjid Karimirad

Finite Element and MultibodySimulation of theSupport Structure Dynamics of OWECs
M. Kohlmeier

HAWC2 –overview. For IEA Annex 23 subtask 2 –phase 4
Torben J. Larsen

IEA Phase IV of OC3Offshore Floating Wind Turbine Status March 2009
Tor Anders Nygaard

Siemens Wind Power Modeling of floating foundation

Development of a Simulation Environment for Offshore Floating WTGs
Javier Pascual Vergara

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