Task 23
Offshore Wind Energy
Technology Deployment
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Meeting Information - IEA Task 23 Offshore Wind Energy Deployment, Offshore Code Comparison Collaborative (OC3),
KTH-Mechanics in Stockholm, Sweden on September 17, 2009

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Meeting Minutes

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Selected Plots
Ivar Fylling

Nordic consortium: Wind turbine Wake Interaction
Dan Henningson

OC3 –Future Planning
Jason Jonkman

OC3 Phase IV –Updates Since Roskilde
Jason Jonkman

Review of OC3 Project
Jason Jonkman

Hywind Multibody Simulation of the Support Structure Dynamics of Floating Wind Turbines
M. Kohlmeier

Apia Wind Presentation
Mike Lasa

OC3 Continuation Proposal
Walt Musial

IEA Phase IV of OC3 Offshore Floating Wind Turbine Status
Tor Anders Nygaard

Proposal: Follow-on project
Louis Quesnel




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