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External Conditions, Offshore Wind Farms  Risø Dec. 2005


This outline with links is for the individual presentations from the Risø Meeting December 2005

Main Conclusions from the meeting


12-13 December 2005 (updated 12 dec.)

Risø National Laboratory

Monday December 12
Short introduction to the annex by Jørgen Lemming
Task 23 Presentation

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Data and databases 1

4 presentations on: Exchange, validate and evaluate wind resource data and wind maps specific to regions with high potential for wind development.

Satellite imaging techniques applied for offshore wind resource and wake loss
assessment – what can be done and where are the problems?

Merete Bruun Christiansen, Risø National Laboratory

The Mediterranean wind climate using models and satellite data and comparison
with available buoy measurements.

Anna Maria Sempreviva, ISAC-CNR

Why is atmospheric stratification more important offshore than onshore
and where are the potential problems?

Rebecca Barthelmie, Risø National Laboratory

Mesoscale modelling for offshore wind farms
Jake Badger, Risø National Laboratory

Data and databases 2

4 presentations on: Share databases and innovations to enhance measurement accuracy of marine buoys pertaining to long-term sea-state and MET-Ocean data.

Summary of Offshore Wind Characterization Research in the U.S.
Walter Musial NREL

Offshore Wind- and Turbulence-Profiles from the FINO1-Mast
Matthias Türk, IMK-IFU - Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH

Remote sensing in offshore wind climatology– LIDAR/SODAR techniques
Hans Jørgensen, Risø National Laboratory

How can project developers predict wind-related external conditions?
Morten Nielsen, Risø National Laboratory

Wave prediction and metocean stations

4 presentations on: Technical exchange of wave loading prediction methods and validation experience of wave loading on wind turbine structures.

Wave predictions in Baltic Coastal Waters

Lars Bergdahl, Chalmers

The effect of wave modelling on the calculation of fatigue loads
Jenny Trumars, Chalmers

Example of metocean condition analysis for Borkum Riffgrund wind farm and Comparison of wave forces determination from Stream function theory, Boussinesq waves and model tests
Accuracy in wind loads
Wind and wave forces
Helge Graversen, Carl Bro

Aspects of determine the design parameters and Design Loads for OWECS
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Kim Mittendorf / Werner Zielke, University of Hannover

Share of experiences and Developers perspective

4 presentations on: Share experience with measurement techniques and instrumentation at offshore stations and experiences.

Offshore Wind design Parameters (OWID)
Tom Neuman, DEWI

Reducing energy uncertainty throughout offshore wind farm development
Joe Phillips, Garrard Hassan

Vattenfall wind experience and foreseen need of R&D in the future
Robert Kapper, Vattenfall

Risk management, stochastic Analyses of constructions
John D. Sorensen AAU

Tuesday December 13
Wind farm layout and technical experience

7 presentations on: Layout, array and wake effects (energy production, fatique, and ultimate loading within wind farms, mutual shadow effects of large, closely spaced farms)

Structural loads from wakes – what are the potential problems offshore?
Sten Frandsen, Risø National Laboratory

Wake losses and turbulence within the Horns Rev off-shore wind farm
Leo E. Jensen, Elsam

Dynamic wake model for aeroelastic simulation of fatigue and extreme loads
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Kenneth Thomsen, Risø

Wake measurements in the 2x 2.5 MW wind farm ECN Wind Turbine Test Park
Wieringermeer – EWTW.

Gerard Schepers, ECN

Using the cost of energy to analyze and optimize the layout of offshore wind farms
Chris Elkinton, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA

Influence of near wake modeling on prediction of energy yield and dynamic loading in wind farms
Juan-José Trujillo, SWE, Stuttgart

Description of the load cases in IEC61400-3 and identification of difficulties and pitfalls in relation to assessment of external conditions.
Niels-Jacob Tarp-Johansen, Risø National Laboratory



Electrical System Integration
of Offshore Wind

Manchester, UK
September 2005

In order to facilitate the deployment of offshore wind generation satisfactory solutions to a number of technical, commercial and regulatory issues associated with the connection and integration of this resource with the existing network infrastructure will be critically important. The purpose of the workshop is to explore these key issues and highlight the topics to be taken forward under the grid integration of offshore wind sub-task of Task 23 of the IEA Wind R&D Implementing Agreement.

External Conditions, Layouts and Design of Offshore Wind Farms
Risø, Denmark
December 2005

Ecological Issues
The Netherlands

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