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Activities and Accomplishments

Our work advances wind energy development in several ways. The members of our Executive Committee meet twice each year to exchange information. Our members write an annual report that details activities in each member country and the accomplishments of our cooperative agreement.

Activities under our ongoing Task 11 Base Technology Information Exchange include Topical Experts Meetings on the latest aspects of wind energy development that can be improved through increased discussion and possible cooperative research. Under Task 11 work proceeds to develop Recommended Practices for wind turbine testing and evaluation by assembling an Experts Group for each topic needing recommended practices. For example, in 1999 the Experts Group on wind speed measurements published the document titled “Wind Speed Measurement and Use of Cup Anemometry.”

The Executive Committee also designates research areas of current interest for Joint Action Symposia where experts meet on a regular basis to report on progress and discuss open issues. So far, Joint Actions have been initiated in Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines, Wind Turbine Fatigue, Wind Characteristics, Wind Forecasting Techniques, and Offshore Wind Systems. Symposia and conferences have been held on designated topics in each of these areas.

Annual Reports
The IEA Wind Energy Annual Report presents the latest information on wind generation capacity, progress toward national objectives, benefits to national economies, issues affecting growth, costs of projects and turbines, national incentive programs, and research and development results. The Executive Summary of the IEA Wind Annual Report synthesizes the information presented in separate chapters by the 20 IEA Wind member countries, the European Commission, and the European Wind Energy Association. As background, data since 1995 are included in the Executive Summary.

Annual Reports can be downloaded free of charge from the home page.

Strategic Plan 2008-2014
IEA Wind Mid-term Report

Every five years, the IEA Wind Agreement documents accomplishments in an End-of-Term Report to the IEA Administration and develops a Strategic Plan to guide the work of the next term. The latest plan details the benefits to members of participation and outlines their priorities for new and continuing research activities.

Strategy Plans

25 Years of International Cooperation
Marking the 25th anniversary of the IEA Wind Agreement, this chapter reviews the history of activity, through 2002.

Presentations, Papers, and Posters
The Chair and other representatives of the Executive Committee regularly submit papers to international conferences. The latest presentations are available here.

Long-Term R&D Needs
In 2011, IEA Wind held a Topical Experts Meeting on Long-Term R&D Needs for Wind Energy. As a result of that meeting and discussions with members of IEA Wind, a document is being developed for approval by the membership. The goal is to use this document and the updated Strategic Plan to guide development of new research tasks to address needs. The documents should also help other research groups set priorities for activities. Link to a pdf of long-term R&D.

General Wind Info

In 2001, IEA Wind developed an official document, Long-Term R&D Needs for Wind Energy for the Time Frame 200 to 2020. That document provides a starting point for the most current work underway.