Welcome to IEA Wind Member Country Activities for Canada

Canada is the ninth largest producer of wind energy in the world. It has over 7.8 GW of installed wind energy capacity, which produces enough power to meet about 3.1% of the country's total electricity demand. Canada has more than 180 wind farms, spread across ten provinces and two territories.

In 2013, Canada placed fifth globally in terms of new wind energy capacity installed. Nearly 1,600 MW of new wind capacity were installed in six provinces. The province of Quebec led the way, with just over 1 GW of new installations. The first wind-storage facility on First Nations land was commissioned in Saskatchewan. In Nova Scotia, the first community feed-in tariff (COMFIT) projects came on-line.

The government of Canada continues to fund the growth of Canada’s wind power sector through its ecoENERGY programs. Provinces across Canada continue to offer a range of incentives for renewable power, including wind. In some cases, existing programs have undergone changes.

Wind farms in Canada are giving back to the community. Wind farm developers have created innovative programs and processes to give back to the community in exchange for their involvement and support for wind energy, and to share in the benefits that come from producing wind energy.

Canada’s federal departments and research organizations are working together in R, D&D areas that are particularly relevant to Canada, including quantifying the impact of icing and cold temperatures on wind turbine performance, and using energy storage systems for managing variability.