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In 2013, the newly installed wind power capacity in China was 16,088.7 MW, and the accumulated installed capacity was 91,412.9 MW, which ranks at the top of the world. The newly grid-connected power reached 14,920 MW, with a total of 77,580 MW. The wind power generation reached 137.1 TWh in 2013, more than 36.7 TWh over generation in 2012. The wind power market grew steadily in 2013. However, compared with conventional energy, wind power only accounted for 2.6% of the total generation, meaning it has great potential. In the future, wind power could and should play a more important role in the clean and sustainable energy and electricity supply.

In 2013, the Chinese government made development plans and decisions strictly according to the target of the 12th FIVE-YEAR Plan for Renewable Energy Development and the 12th FIVE-YEAR Plan for Wind Power Industry Development. The government promulgated a number of policies to encourage development of the industry, to solve issues such as wind power curtailment, and to address the bottleneck of grid integration. According to statistics of the China Electricity Council, in 2013 the national average utilization hours of wind power equipment was 2,080 hours. This is the highest level since 2005, and 151 more hours than in 2012. The issues causing wind power curtailment have improved. Another positive event occurred in September 2013 when the government promulgated the Plan of Action for Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution. This plan gives wind power a new mission for air pollution control. Adjusting energy structures and increasing the supply of clean energy will be the major tasks for the Chinese government at this stage.

The Decision on “Major Issues Concerning Comprehensively Deepening Reforms” was adopted at the close of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee in 2013. This decision put forward that the development of wind power is in accordance with the guiding ideologies of accelerating transformation of the economic development pattern and promoting a more efficient and sustainable economy. Wind power generation as a clean, non-polluting, sustainable use of energy utilization has great significance for adjustment of the energy structure, the economical utilization of resources, and the promotion of economically sustainable development. Thus, the wind power industry will certainly usher in new historical opportunity, a healthier market environment, and play a greater role in China's clean, sustainable energy and electricity supply.