Welcome to IEA Wind Member Country Activities for Denmark

In 2013, 24.7% of Denmark’s energy consumption came from renewable sources, 36.9% from oil, 18.1% from natural gas, 17.7% from coal, and 2.2% from nonrenewable waste. The production from wind turbines alone corresponded to 33.2% of the domestic electricity supply in 2013, compared to 30.1% in 2012.

Wind power capacity in Denmark increased by 644 MW in 2013, bringing the total to 4,808 MW. During the year, 692 MW of new turbines were installed, while 47.2 MW of old turbines were dismantled. Of the installed wind turbines, 350 MW were offshore, finishing the Kattegat project Anholt. The largest rated turbines to be installed in 2013 were the 6-MW Siemens; six of these turbines were added onshore at Oesterild for production testing next to the one erected in late 2012.