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In 2013, the European Union’s (EU) total installed generation capacity increased by 35 GW, netting 385 GW of additional capacity since the year 2000. Wind power constituted 28.4% of the new capacity installed, 54.5% renewables, and 91.5% renewables and gas combined. The EU power sector therefore continues its move away from fuel oil, coal, and nuclear, with each technology continuing to decommission more than it installs. Wind power accounted for 32% of total 2013 power capacity installations helping renewable power installations to reach 72% of new installations during 2013: 25 GW of a total 35 GW of new power capacity, up 2% from 2012.

In 2013, 46% of all new wind installations were in just two countries: Germany and the United Kingdom (UK), a significant concentration compared to the trend of previous years, whereby installations were increasingly spread across healthy European markets. This level of concentration has not been seen in the EU’s wind power market since 2007, when the three wind energy pioneering countries—Denmark, Germany and Spain—together represented 58% of all new installations in that year. A number of previously healthy markets such as Spain, Italy, and France have seen their rate of wind energy installations decrease significantly in 2013, by 84%, 65%, and 24% respectively.

Nevertheless, 2013 was a record year for offshore wind energy installations, with 1,567 MW of new capacity grid-connected. Offshore wind power installations represented 14% of the annual EU wind energy market, up from 10% in 2012.