Turbine blades waiting for installation

Member Country Activities for Finland

Finland is a 14-GW winter-peaking power system with 83 TWh demand in 2014. Already, 30% of electricity consumption was provided by renewables in 2014: 16% by hydro power, 13% by biomass, and 1.3% by wind power. Installed wind power was 627 MW at the end of 2014, generating 1.1 TWh. The target is 6 TWh/yr in 2020 and 9 TWh/yr for 2025. In 2015, there were more than 9,100 MW of land-based wind power projects in various phases of planning and 2,200 MW of announced projects offshore.

Growing construction of wind power started in Finland in 2012 following the legislation for guaranteed price for renewable generation, which was set in 2010. Before the market began to grow, there were delays in receiving building permits for wind power plants related to permitting procedures and especially radar issues.

Wind power technology in Finland employs about 3,000 people—mainly in component and sub-system manufacturing (in order of size: Moventas, ABB, The Switch, Hydroll), sensors (in order of size: Vaisala and Labkotec) and material production (Ahlstrom and Ruukki). Project development activities are increasing, and also innovative operation and maintenance (O&M) methods have been developed (Bladefence). Currently project development, construction, and O&M employ approximately 2,200 people in Finland.