Welcome to IEA Wind Member Country Activities for Greece

In 2013, 116 MW of new wind capacity were installed in Greece. The total installed wind capacity is 1,865 MW, a 7% increase from 2012. Of the 116 MW, 52.9 MW were manufactured by Vestas; 32.9 MW by Enercon; 18 MW by Nordex; and 6.8 MW by Gamesa.

Greece has 121 wind farms.

Almost 150 million EUR (197 million USD) was spent in the Greek wind energy industry in 2012. The pace of installation must increase to reach the 2020 target of 7,500 MW of wind capacity as included in the national renewable energy action plan. The government has many issues to consider in reaching this target. As part of a package of austerity measures approved in November 2012, wind and other renewable producers will be charged a 10% extraordinary tax on revenues for 12 months, dated back to 1 July 2012.

Greek wind farms currently receive a FIT of 89 EUR/MWh (122 USD) on the mainland. On the islands, wind farms receive a FIT of 99 EUR/MW (136 USD/MW), minus a 10% levy. However, there is a bill being drafted by the Greek government that would push back the FIT until the wind farms are actually grid-connected, which could create serious decreases in wind energy installations due to difficulties obtaining financing under these new rules.

In November 2013, the Greek Regulatory Energy Authority announced it had a new 144-MW wind farm to be built in on the Island of Evia by Enel and the Kopelouzos Group using Enercon turbines, a project set to start in 2014.