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In 2012, the total installed wind capacity in Japan reached 2,614 MW with 1,887 turbines, including 25.3 MW from 15 offshore wind turbines. The annual net increase was 78 MW. Total energy produced from wind turbines during 2012 was 4.5 TWh, and this corresponds to 0.54% of national electric demand (861 TWh).
In response to the great East Japan earthquake and tsunami of March 2011, the decision was taken to dismantle four nuclear power plants in Fukushima Prefecture.

In addition, 50 other nuclear power plants were shut down for a time. After careful examination and performance of stress tests, two nuclear power plants were restarted in July 2012. However, the other 48 nuclear power plants were still under suspension at the end of 2012. This loss of nuclear generation capacity caused the dramatic increase of more than 5 trillion JPY (43.5 billion EUR; 58.0 billion USD) of imported of fossil fuel to increase generation at carbon-burning plants in Japan. This shifted the balance of trade and damaged the economy in Japan.

On the other hand, Japan has a large amount of wind energy potential, and the expectation of wind energy as fuel-free electricity is growing. As a sign of that expectation, the R, D&D projects of offshore wind turbines and wind farms are growing rapidly. Read the entire report here.