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the Republic of Korea

The cumulative installed wind power in the Republic of Korea was 406 MW in 2011 and 487 MW in 2012, increasing by 17% from the previous year. Most wind turbine systems installed in 2012 were supplied by local turbine system manufacturers. A Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) proposal for new and renewable energy was enacted in 2012. The required rate of RPS in 2012 was 2% and will increase to 10% by 2022. In 2012, the first year of RPS, more than 60% of the target rate was achieved. A nine-year plan for construction of a 2.5-GW offshore wind farm off the west coast was announced in 2010. The first stage of the project, construction of 100-MW wind farm, was initiated in 2011 and is in progress. The 2.5-GW offshore wind farm construction and RPS are expected to accelerate the growth of wind energy in Korea. Since 2009, the government has concentrated on developing Korean production of components to secure the supply chain for wind projects. More government R&D budget has been allocated to localize component supply and develop core technologies for wind power. Read the entire report here.