Turbine blades waiting for installation

Member Country Activities for the Netherlands

From the perspective of changes in politics and policies, 2014 was a calm year. The main drivers of the national energy policy are the EU objectives (14% renewable energy in 2020) and the so called “SER Agreement” (2013), in which five objectives are defined:

• A decrease in final energy consumption averaging 1.5% annually—this is expected to be more than enough to comply with the relevant EU Energy Efficiency Directive;
• In this context, a 100-petajoule (PJ) saving in the country’s final energy consumption by 2020;
• An increase in the proportion of energy generated from renewable sources from 4.4% currently to 14% in 2020, in accordance with EU arrangements;
• A further increase in that proportion to 16% in 2023;
• At least 15,000 full-time additional jobs.

The SER agreement also contains guidelines for feedback and implementation. The offshore wind energy targets were redefined for 2014.

The 228 MW of offshore capacity already installed, and the approximately 745 MW that are planned, will add up to a total installed offshore wind capacity of ± 4,450 MW in 2023.