Turbine blades waiting for installation

Member Country Activities for Norway

In 2014, 45 MW of new wind power capacity were installed in Norway. Total installed capacity was 856 MW at the end of the year, and production of wind power in 2014 was 2,214 GWh, compared to 1,898 GWh in 2013. The calculated wind index for Norwegian wind farms in 2014 was 103%, corresponding to a production index of 102%. The average capacity factor for Norwegian wind farms in normal operation was 31%.Wind generation amounted to 1.5% of the total electric production in the country and offset 1.7% of total demand.

Electric energy in Norway is generated using a very high share of renewable energy. The primary source of electricity is hydropower, which in 2014 stood for approximately 96% of the country’s electricity production. In recent years there has also been a keen interest in wind power as a commercial source of energy. Norway boasts some of the best wind resources in Europe, and the combination of technological advances and renewable energy support schemes mean that these resources will likely be tapped in the form of large amounts of new wind power installations in the coming years.