Turbine blades waiting for installation

Member Country Activities for Portugal

In 2014, the wind energy sector achieved a maturity status within the Portuguese power system. While it still experienced some additional capacity deployment (222 MW), after 15 years of intense deployment Portugal reached 4, 953 MW of installed wind power capacity by the end of 2014. Wind power represents 25% (considering only mainland Portugal) of the total operational capacity and 42% of renewable energy capacity in the country. In 2014, Portuguese wind parks produced 12.1 TWh maintaining a wind energy contribution of 24% of the annually electricity consumption. This high wind penetration was influenced by the favorable wind conditions observed in the first three months of the year over central and northern regions of mainland Portugal that also correspond to the largest concentration of installed wind capacity.

The electricity generation from renewable energy sources in 2014 reached 65% of the national consumption, which is a new record in Portugal. The individual renewable contribution in Portugal was similar to the previous year, where hydropower production represented the highest contribution with 33% of the electrical demand. The high contribution from the endogenous resources enabled Portugal to reduce to 1.8% the dependency on foreign energy for meeting consumption, decreasing more than 4% when compared to the previous year.

Due to the energy efficiency measures implemented in the latest years and also to economic stalling, electricity consumption in Portugal was 50.3 TWh in Portugal, which corresponds to a slight reduction of 0.3% with respect to 2013. This dependency is essentially supplied by the coal since it is the cheapest fossil fuel for generating electricity, although higher levels of pollutants are released into the atmosphere when compared to natural gas.

On 3 March 2014 the wind power generation reached the penetration of 64% on an average daily basis. The highest daily wind energy production was also registered on this day with 88.4 GWh. The highest wind instantaneous penetration was observed on 28 December with 89%—which is slightly below the previous instantaneous record of 93% observed on 13 November 2011. Despite these high values, no technical problems were reported during these periods by the Portuguese transmission system operator.