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All Tasks publish reports or presentations from various meetings and other research during the Task's research time frame. After a task has finished its work these reports and presentations become part of the public record and are made available to the general public. Other ongoing research waits a year until the reports and presentations are made available to the public. The release of information is sporadic so check back often.

Task 11 Base Technology Information Exchange

Task 17 Data Base on Wind Characteristics (Not Active)

Task 18 Enhanced Field Rotor Aerodynamic Database (EFRAD) (Not Active)

Task 19 Wind Energy in Cold Climates

Task 20 HAWT Aerodynamics and Models from Wind Tunnel Measurements (Not Active)

Task 21 Dynamic Models of Wind Farms for Power System Studies (Not Active)

Task 23 Offshore Wind Energy Technology Deployment (Not Active)

Task 24 Integration of Wind and Hydropower Systems (Not Active)

Task 25 Power Systems with Large Amounts of Wind Power

Task 26 Cost of Wind Energy

Task 27 Labelling Small Wind Turbines

Task 28 Social Acceptance of Wind Power Systems

Task 29 MexNet Aerodynamics

Task 30 Dynamic Computer Codes

Task 31 WAKEBENCH Benchmarking Wind Farm Flow Models

Task 32 LIDAR: Wind Lidar Systems for Wind Energy Deployment

Task 33 Reliability Data: Standardization of Data Collection for Wind Turbine Reliability and Maintenance Analyses