Task 25
Design and Operation of Power Systems
with Large Amounts of Wind Power

All Tasks publish reports or presentations from various meetings and other research during the Task's research time frame. After a task has finished its work these reports and presentations become part of the public record and are made available to the general public. Other ongoing research waits a year until the reports and presentations are made available to the public. The release of information is sporadic so check back often.

Task 25 final report 2006-2008

Task 25 final report summary paper September, 2009

Task 25 summary paper, Madrid integration workshop May 2008

Reserve requirements, WindEngineering journal article October 2008 Design and operation of power systems with large amounts of wind power
October 2007

Estimating the Impacts of Wind Power On Power Systems— Summary of IEA Wind Collaboration
Environ. Res. Lett. article 2008 Hannele Holttinen

EWEC 2007 State of the Art Paper

EWEC 2007 Presentation Integration Studies Session

IEEE Paper Experience From Wind Integration in Some High Penetration Areas
Söder et al


Task 25 presentation at EWEA Grid Conference, Brussels,

Task 25 presentation at UWIG, Oklahoma,

GWPC 2006 Conference Paper
First Results

Nordic Wind Power Conference paper

NWPC Paper A Comparison of Wind Integration Experiences in Some High Penetration Areas
26.5.2006 Söder et al

EWEC 2006 paper description of national projects