Task 26
Cost of Wind Energy

All Tasks publish reports or presentations from various meetings and other research during the Task's research time frame. After a task has finished its work these reports and presentations become part of the public record and are made available to the general public. Other ongoing research waits a year until the reports and presentations are made available to the public. The release of information is sporadic so check back often.

Just Released: (06-22-16)

Forecasting Wind Energy Costs
and Cost Drivers: Views of the
World’s Leading Experts

• Results of an expert elicitation survey of 163 of the world’s foremost wind experts, aimed at better understanding future costs and technology advancement possibilities.

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Survey background information, supplementary material, outreach material during the survey and published documents.

Offshore Wind Farm Baseline Report

• Description of baseline offshore wind farm characteristics intended to provide a common starting point for country comparisons and sensitivity analysis on key offshore wind cost and value drivers.

• Download the report: Smart, G., A. Smith, E. Warner, I.B. Sperstad, B. Prinsen, R. Lacal-Arántegui. 2016. IEA Wind Task 26 – Offshore Wind Farm Baseline Documentation. IEA Wind.