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Data Base on Wind Characteristics

Task is currently inactive


Operating Agent Representative:
Gunner C. Larsen
Riso National Laboratory
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Technical Report

This task was completed in 2003. The data may be accessed for a fee at the Web site above. The EU-DG XII (JOULE) project ‘Database on Wind Characteristics’ was started in 1996 and completed in 1998. The project resulted in a unique database of quality-controlled and documented wind field time series supplemented with tools that enable easy access and a simple analysis through an Internet connection.

As a follow-up to the JOULE project, Sweden, Norway and the United States formulated Task XVII, within the auspices of the IEA. The objective of this Task was to provide wind energy planners, designers and researchers, as well as the international wind engineering community, with a source of reliable actual wind field time series observed in a wide range of different wind climates and terrain types. For convenience, all available data are presented in a common format.

The work in this Task was organised into three subtasks – maintenance, extension of the database, and dissemination of knowledge to the database.

Maintenance of the database included both routine software and routine hardware updates. This activity aims to ensure that data, as well as the hardware and software, will be available for the users on-line.

Extension of the database comprised the development of the database in a broad sense. It included development of the software and implementation of meteorological data from new sites, as well as extension of available data from existing sites.

The upgrades of the database utilities encompassed an extension of both the available definitions of search profiles and the supplementing data handling and data analyses facilities. A special effort was made to find data from types of sites and wind climates that are not well represented in the database. Data of particular interest include, time series originating from offshore (and coastal) sites, time series from sites outside Europe, time series representing high spatial and/or temporal resolution, and time series representing high wind regimes.

The value of the database is not only related to its technical quality and size, but is also highly correlated to the number of entities using it. Therefore, the dissemination aspect, constituted the third subtask activity, has a high priority.

By the close of 2003, 173,000 hours of wind field time series data from 62 sites in Europe, Japan, Egypt, Mexico, and the United States resided in the database. Additionally, 850,000 hours of wind resource data from 24 sites were included. These data represent a wide variety of wind climates, terrain types and wind turbine wake situations. The data have a typical temporal resolution of 1-20 Hz and are thus mainly intended for investigations of design wind loads and phenomenological studies.

In addition, an advanced data selection system is supplied that fully utilizes the interactive nature of the Internet. The system includes tools for simple data analysis such as for analyses of wind speed gusts, wind direction changes, and wind shear. The tools allow for on-line plots and for download of time series for further processing.