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Task 18 Final Report

IEA Wind Task 18 was an extension of the IEA Wind Task 14 project in which five parties (DUT, ECN, NREL, RISO, IC) from four countries (the Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom and the United Sates) cooperated by performing aerodynamic field experiments on full-scale horizontal axis wind turbines. IEA Wind Task 14, completed in summer 1997, is a database of time series with local aerodynamic properties, such as sectional pressure distributions and inflow data, which are taken under atmospheric conditions. The Task 14 database is stored on CD-ROM and on an ftp-site, which is protected by means of a password. The CD-ROM and/or the password are available to outside parties under the condition that they inform the IEA Wind Task 14 participants about experiences gained with the database.
In February 2000, the database was supplied to 13 institutes.

The successor project, Task 18, was based on recommendations, which have been formulated at the end of IEA Wind Task 14. The main objectives of IEA Wind Task 18 are:

Maintenance of the Task 14 database. In order to reach this objective the feedback from the above mentioned users of the database is essential;
Extension of Task 14 database with new measurements.

The participants in IEA Wind Task 18were the same as the participants in IEA Wind Task 14 with the exception of Imperial College/Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (withdrawn) and two new participants: Mie University (Japan) and CRES (Greece).

The following tasks were performed in IEA Wind Task 18.

Performance of new aerodynamic measurements (mainly by DUT, Mie University, and CRES);
Storage of new measurements into the database;
Communication with users of the database;
Maintenance of database, which includes:
Where possible, recommendations of users are implemented,
Measurement files are corrected;
The selection of data from the (huge) files is facilitated

The following results are now available from IEA Wind Task 14 and 18:

A final report IEA Wind Task 14;
A first release of the database IEA Task 14.
An updated database with:
New time series;
Sectional characteristics (a.o. lift and drag coefficients as function of angle of attack, taken at rotating conditions);
Corrected measurement files;
Selection programs which make it possible to extract data from the files in a more convenient way;
An Internet site that links to the database http://www.ecn.nl/unit de/wind/annexxiv/index.html/
The final report of IEA Wind Task 18.