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Dynamic Models of Wind Farms
for Power System Studies

Task is currently inactive

Sintef Energy Research

Operating Agent Representative:
John Olav Tande
Sem Saelands v. 11
Trondheim, NO-7465
Tel: +47 7359 7494
Fax: +47 7359 7250
Email: John Olav Tande

Task 21 Final Report

IEA Wind Task 21 coordinated development and validation of wind farm models suitable for evaluating power system dynamic and transient stability. The Task served as an international forum on wind farm modelling for power system studies. It described and validated wind farm models developed by the individual participants of the Task to assess the state of the art and to pinpoint key issues for further development.

Participants included Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden; ECN, the Netherlands; NREL, United States; Risø, Denmark; VTT Processes, Finland, and SINTEF Energy Research, Norway (the operating agent). The operating agent set-up and operated a common database for benchmark testing of wind turbine and wind farm models as an aid for securing good quality models. This Task provided a basis for future development of a best practice guideline on grid connection of large wind farms.

The Task provided an international forum by organising a series of workshops on an annual basis coordinated with other wind energy events to attract major players, including manufactures and utilities.

The Task operated a common database for benchmark testing of wind turbine and wind farm models. The database used a representative set of wind turbines and wind farms that represented wind turbine types (fixed speed, variable speed, etc), wind farm size and site conditions (turbulence level, grid characteristics, etc.). Detailed wind turbine data, internal grid specifications and grid connection characteristics were collected for accurate modelling of the wind turbines and wind farms. The data included measurements of meteorological conditions (wind speed and direction) and electrical characteristics (active and reactive power, voltage and currents) at the common connection point of the wind farm and at a number of the individual wind turbines within the farm.

The data were provided by the Task participants. It was data they already had on file or collected through their relevant ongoing projects. The Task did not make measurements.

The Task was completed in 2007.

For more information, please visit the Task 21 web site or read the final report.