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Four Topical Experts Meetings per year are organized under Task 11. The Operating Agent (OA) solicits topics for future meetings according to the procedure outlined in Table 1. Then a host country is identified and an expert writes an introductory note that is sent out with the meeting invitation. The Task 11 participants must select institutions and experts to receive meeting invitations. All attendees are expected to give presentations that contribute to the meetings.

The OA moderates the meeting and assembles the proceedings. The OA distributes the proceedings electronically to participants and to the IEA Wind country representatives. They are available on the Members Only portion of the Web site until one year after the meeting. It is responsibility of the participants to distribute the information generated through the Task to the research centers, universities, manufactures, promoters, and all the institutions participating in the development of the wind energy sector in their countries. One year after publication, documents produced under Task 11 are posted to the public portion of the Task Web site.

Table 1 Procedure to select subjects for Topical Experts Meetings



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
The OA send a mail to the ExCo members, soliciting topics of their interest for future TEM                
The members send to the OA the topics of their interest                
The OA prepare a list with all the topics proposed and distributed to the members for priority rating                
Members send their rating priorities to the OA                
The OA select 6 priority topics and send the list to the members, asking for voluntaries to host the meetings                
Members send final comments and inform about their capability to host the proposed TEM.                
The OA distribute to the members the final document containing the result of the selection procedure                
The OA present at the fall ExCo meeting, the proposal of new TEM for discussion and approval. Four TEM will be chosen                

Recommended Practices
are developed by ad hoc working groups that draft the documents. The OA of Task 11 assists with administrative issues and organizes the review cycle. Sometimes the ad hoc working groups are participants in another IEA Wind research Task. In this case, some work of the task can be written and reviewed as a Recommended Practice.