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The IEA Wind ExCo approved Annex 23 (Task 23) to the Implementing Agreement as a framework for holding focused workshops and developing research projects. The work was designed to increase understanding of issues and develop technologies to advance the development of wind energy systems offshore. In 2008, 10 countries participated in this task, and many research organizations in these countries shared their experiences and conducted the work (Table 1).

Table1. IEA Wind Task 23 Participants in 2008

Country Participants Party
Denmark Danish Energy Agency;
Risø DTU (OA)
Germany Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
Republic of Korea Government of Korea/KEMCO
The Netherlands We@Sea
Norway Norwegian Water Resources
and Energy Directorate
Portugal INETI
Sweden Chalmers University Goteborg
United Kingdom Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform
United States U.S. Department of Energy; NREL (OA)

This final report for IEA Wind Task 23, Offshore Wind Technology and Deployment is made up of two separate reports, Subtask 1: Experience with Critical Deployment Issues and Subtask 2: Offshore Code Comparison Collaborative (OC3). Subtask 1 discusses ecological issues and regulation, electrical system integration, external conditions, and key conclusions for Subtask 1. Subtask 2 contains five chapters that cover background information and objectives of Subtask 2 and results from each of the four phases of the project. A final management report presents experience relevant to future research efforts.