Welcome to Task 24 Past Meetings - Lucerne

September 29 – October 2, 2005
Hotel Continental Park, Lucerne, Switzerland


R&D Meeting #1 Synopsis and Summary

Combined Presentations R&D Meeting 1

Modelling approach impact on estimation of integration cost of wind power:
Lennart Söder

Qualitative Short-run Value of Wind Energy to Hydro Utilities:
Tom Molinski

Wind/Hydro R&D Meeting #1 USA Update on Projects:
Tom Acker

R&D Meeting #1 Joint Meeting of the Wind/Hydro and Hydro/Wind Annexes:
Tom Acker

Planning and Operation of Large Wind Farms in Areas with Limited Power Transfer Capacity:
John O Tande

Finland country presentation Annex XXIV Wind&Hydro meeting Lucerne, 2005:
Hannele Holttinen

Operation and design of power systems with large amounts of wind power production:
Hannele Holttinen

Activities in Switzerland:
Robert Horbaty

Integration of Wind and Hydropower Systems:
Sebastian Achilles

Four current Swedish wind power integration projects:
Lennart Söder

Coordination and Dissemination of the Joint Annexes:
Niels Nielsen

Introduction to Hydropower IA Annex X:
Morel Oprisan

RETScreen International – Hydro Wind Integration:
Morel Oprisan