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R&D Meeting #4 Joint Meeting of Task 24 & 25 Meeting Synopsis and Summary
Tom Acker, Hannele Holttinen


Combined_OSLO (All Oslo Presentations in one PDF) 23 MB


Task 25 progress to ExCo # 60: Design and operation of power systems with large amounts of wind power
Hannele Holttinen

Irish Activities in IEA RD&D Wind Agreement Research Task 25
Mark O’Malley

System Integration of Wind Power in the Netherlands
Bart Ummels

The Danish Energy Strategy 2025 & the Danish Power Infrastructure How takes the Challenge
Antje Orths

Improvement of the Power System Reliability by Prediction of Wind Power Generation
Y.M. Saint-Drenan

Wind power integration studies – lessons learned and further challenges
Karsten Burges

Wind Generation Integration - UK
Anser A Shakoor

California Renewables Integration Study The “Intermittency Analysis Project”
J. Charles Smith

The 20% Wind Energy Vision: System Operation and Transmission Needs
J. Charles Smith

U.S. Policy Developments And DOE/NREL Regional Study Plans
Brian Parsons


R&D Meeting #4 Joint Meeting of Tasks 24 & 25
Tom Acker

Wind/Hydro R&D Meeting #4 USA Update on Projects
Tom Acker

On continental-wide integration of wind power
Lennart Söder

Flexibility index
Hannele Holttinen

Finland case studies IEA WIND Task 24/25
Hannele Holttinen

Integration of wind and hydro power systems Progress SINTEF
Magnus Korpås

Update On Wind Integration Activities At Manitoba Hydro
Tom Molinski

Wind Penetration Levels: What does it mean in the wind power integration studies?
André Robitaille

Hydro-Québec and Wind Power Integration Challenges
André Robitaille

Wind Power – Statkraft
Espen Hagstrøm

APA/APSWind Integration Cost Study
Tom Acker

Northwestern U.S. Wind/Hydro activities and UWIG Workshop
Brian Parsons

Future trading with regulating power
Niclas Broman