Welcome to Task 24 Past Meeting – Quebec City, Canada

Presentations and other documents from the Integration of Wind and Hydropower Systems R&D Meeting #5 June 5-6, 2008
Quebec City, Canada

R&D Meeting #5 Agenda
R&D Meeting #5 Registration Form
R&D Meeting #5 Meeting Information
R&D Meeting #5 Summary Notes

Final Report Outline

Combined Presentations for Quebec City R&D Meeting #5

Swedish Research on Wind Power Integration
Mikael Amelin

Finland country presentation, Task 24 meeting Quebec, June 2008
Hannele Holttinen

Flexibility Index
Hannele Holttinen

Integration of Wind into Hydro Quebec's Hydropower System Part 1
André Robitaille

Integration of Wind into Hydro Quebec's Hydropower System, Impacts and Strategies Part II

Wind Power Integration Into Hydropower System Discussion Part 3
André Robitaille

Update On DTS Wind Integration Activities At Manitoba Hydro
Tom Molinski

Presentation to Wind/Hydro R&D Meeting #5
Keith Knitter