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Final Report Preparation

Final Report Working Draft 10-24-09

Results of IEA Wind Implementing Agreement Task 24 on the Integration of Wind and Hydropower Systems

Volume I – Issues, Impacts, and Economics of Wind and Hydropower Integration

Front matter: preface, acknowledgements, table of contents, table of figures, table of tables 
Executive summary

  1. Background Information and Objectives of Task
  2. Wind Energy – Overview
  3. Hydro System Planning and Operation
  4. Power System Operation and Balancing in Systems with Wind and Hydropower
  5. Simplified Modeling
  6. Conclusions
  7. References / Bibliography
  8. Glossary (if any)
  9. Appendices (if any)

Volume II – Participant Case Studies

Front matter: preface, acknowledgements, table of contents, table of figures, table of tables 
Abstract or Executive summary

  1. Introduction v2

  2. Australia – Hydro Tasmania Case Study

                A - HydroTasmania Case studies v2

            Reference report(s)
                Australia Kelleher UN Symposium-Hydro Sust Devel 1
                Hydro Tasmania Wind Integration review 27022008 1

  1. Canada – Natural Resources Canada Case Study

            Reference report(s)

  1. Finland – VTT Case Study

                F - Final Report Task 24 v2 8.12.09

            Reference report(s)
               Impacts of Wind Power on Energy Balance of a Hydro Dominated Power System
               Juha Kiviluoma and Hannele Holttinen
               Modelling of hydro and wind power in the regulation market
               Juha Kiviluoma, Peter Meibom and Hannele Holttinen
               The impact of large scale wind power production on the Nordic electricity system
               Hannele Holttinen        
               Imbalance Costs of Wind Power for a Hydro Power Producer in Finland
               Hannele Holttinen, and Göran Koreneff

  1. Norway – Sintef Case Studies

            Chapter 5
                Norway Case Studies 1 and 2 Edit 8-18-09

            Reference report(s)
               Cost Analysis Case Study of Grid Integration of Larger Wind Farms,  Wind Engineering, Vol 28, No 3, pp 265-273.
               John Olav Giæver Tande, and Kjetil Uhlen
               Impact of integrating wind power in the Norwegian power system
               J.O. Tande

  1. Sweden – KTH Case Study

            Reference report(s)

  1. United States Case Studies

                US - WAPA Case Study v2 8.14.09

            Reference report(s)
               WAPA Wind Integration Study
               R.M. Zavadil

  1. References / Volume II, Bibliography for Task 24 (3-16-09)
  2. Glossary
  3. Appendices (if any)
  4. General Reference Reports

        IEA Wind Annex 21, Final Technical Report, Dynamic Models of Wind Farms for Power System Studies
        IEA Wind Task 25, Final report, Phase one 2006-08, Design and operation of power systems with large amounts of wind power