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Task 26 - Results

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Enhancement and update to prior work exploring land-based
wind cost of energy along with associated revenue and policy
mechanisms in various countries.

Download the report:
Wind Technology, Cost, and Performance Trends in Denmark, Germany,
Ireland, Norway, the European Union, and the United States: 2007-2012

Work Package #1 -
Develop transparent methodology for estimating cost of wind energy and identify major cost drivers

Summary report:  Schwabe, P.; Lensink, S.; Hand, M. (2011). IEA Wind Task 26 - Multi-national Case Study of the Financial Cost of Wind Energy; Work Package 1 Final Report. 122 pp.; NREL Report No. TP-6A20-48155

Country Cash Flow Models
Denmark Germany Netherlands Spain
Sweden Switzerland United States  
Excel Worksheet and Blank LCOE Model Excel File
Excel Worksheet

Blank LCOE model  (Excel)


Work Package #2 -
Estimate future cost and performance of land-based and offshore wind projects

Lantz, E.; Wiser, R.; Hand, M. (2012). IEA Wind Task 26 - Work package, 2 The Past and Future Cost of Wind Energy; 137 pp.; NREL Report No. NREL/TP-6A20-53510

Work Package #3 -
Survey methods for evaluating the value of wind energy

Arantegui, R.; Hand, M.; Radu, D.; Magagna, D. (2013). A system-based approach to assessing the value of wind for society; 48 pp.; JRC Science and Policy Reports No. EUR26740 EN