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Welcome to Task 31 – Work Plan

The structure of the Task is composed of four work packages:


Figure 1: Structure of Wakebench IEA Task and deliverables

The project requires the implementation of a set of procedures in order to systematize the benchmark exercises as much as possible.  To this end, CENER's Windbench model evaluation web platform will be used for the management of the model intercomparison benchmarks. The tool is based on the administration of user accounts to form groups around the virtual workspace of each benchmark. The information from the users, models, test cases and benchmarks will be compiled with standardized questionnaires approved by the SC. During the duration of WP1 the contents and functionalities of the platform will be iterated based on the feedback of the end-users.

Progress meetings will be held every 6 months just before the ExCo meetings. The spring WG meetings will be carried out using teleconferencing (webinars) to report of the progress and discuss the results of ongoing benchmarks. Autumn meetings, in person, will be used to discuss key aspects of the Task in a workshop format:

•  Kick-off: state-of-the-art and work plan definition (M0, CENER, Pamplona, Spain)
•  Workshop on model evaluation protocol (M12, NREL, Colorado, US)
•  Workshop on model uncertainties (M24, venue to be defined)
•  Workshop on best practice procedures (M33, venue to be defined)

Annual progress reports will give an overview of the follow-up of the project. Within each Work Package a number of deliverables will be elaborated in order to summarize the most important results. These reports/deliverables will be composed by the Operating Agents based on the inputs and reviews from the Participants.